Sebastian Prati - gość na WDA 2017

Z przyjemnością zawiadamiamy, że Sebastian Prati - hodowca krewetek ze Szwajcarii, jeden z organizatorów European Shrimp Contest, odbywającego się we włoskiej Piacenzie, pojawi się na WDA już po raz 3!

Sebastian o sobie:
I’m Sebastian Prati, I started with aquarium when I was a child, before 2004 I focused myself on chiclids and aquascaping, then I fall in love with shrimps and I started to breed them. At that time I was one of the first shrimps breeder in Switzerland, between 2004 and 2008 thanks the proximity of Italian borders, I introduced in Italy for the first time some shrimps (yellow fire and blue pearl for example) and various mosses (my second love at that time).
In the following years I had some collaboration with shops such as: (a project that I founded together with Cristian Ghia), MaSt Aquarium, Daphnia SAGL, etc.. I also wrote articles for some Magazine (Il mio Acquario, Amazonas, Shrimpmaniak, Aqua Life and Discus Annual), did some lectures , judged in most European shrimps contest, and developed the criteria that are actually used in many shrimps contest in Europe.
After several years of breeding almost every type of shrimps, in July 2016 I decided to sell most of my aquariums including shrimps and my collection of rare and uncommon plants (436 species /varieties) because I started to work in various fish farm and doing research away from home so I wasn’t able to properly take care of them. Actually I have only one tank whit my favorite and rarest plants and a small selection of prl (Ellen Wang blood line), that I’ll take with me in Norway in July as I’ll move there to do a master degree in freshwater ecology. i can’t stay without aquarium he he.
I always try to learn and spread my knowledge, even if I’m no more very active online in forum or facebook groups (often I work behind the scenes) because I don’t have enough time but I’m always available to answer question and help newbie so don’t hesitate to contact me if you need advices.

I have a website that I started to build but is still a work in progress as I don’t have much time for it.

Warszawskie Dni Akwarystyki 2017

20-21 maja 2017r.
godziny: 10-17


Szkoła Główna Gospodarstwa Wiejskiego w Warszawie
Wydział Nauk o Zwierzętach
Budynek 23
Ciszewskiego 8
02-787 Warszawa






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